Thursday, April 23, 2015

T-Time Management

Time must be explicitly managed, just like money.
Why is time mgt important..
The Problem is Severe--By some estimates, people waste about 2 hours per day.  Managing your time well makes you successful..
Signs of time wasting: Messy desk and cluttered (or no) files, Can’t find things, Miss appointments, need to reschedule them late and/or unprepared for meetings,Volunteer to do things other people should do
Tired/unable to concentrate,Being successful doesn’t make you manage your time well.
  1. Important to have  Goal, Priorities, and Planning--Ask these important questions-Why am I doing this?What is the goal?Why will I succeed?What happens if I chose not to do it?
  2. The 80/20 Rule--Critical few and the trivial many,Having the courage of your convictions, Good judgment comes from experience,Experiences comes from bad judgment
  3. Planning:Failing to plan is planning to fail,Plan Each Day, Each Week, Each month,and so on...You can always change your plan, but only once you have one!
  4. Paperwork-    Clutter is death; it leads to thrashing.  Keep desk clear: focus on one thing at a time, A good file system is essential, Touch each piece of paper once,Prepare  TO DO list
  5.  Scheduling Yourself-You don’t find time for important things, you make it..
  6. Everything you do is an opportunity cost
  7. Learn to say “No”
  8. Using Time Journal Data--What am I doing that doesn’t really need to be done? What am I doing that could be done by someone else? What am I doing that could be done more efficiently? What do I do that wastes others’ time? Avoid Procastination- Doing things at the last minute is much more expensive than just before the last minute, Deadlines are really important:  establish them yourself!
  9. Move out of comfort zone:Identify why you aren’t enthusiastic,Fear of embarrassment,Fear of failure, Get a spine and quit making excuses.
  10. Delegation--No one is an island,You can accomplish a lot more with help,Most delegation in your life is from faculty to graduate student.
General Advice-
  • Kill your television (how
    badly do you want tenure or your degree?)
  • Turn money into time – especially important for people with kids or other family commitments.
  • Eat and sleep and exercise. Above all else!
  • Never break a promise, but re-negotiate them if need be.
  • If you haven’t got time to do it right, you don’t have time to do it wrong.
  • Recognize that most things are pass/fail.
  • Feedback loops: ask in confidence
Time journal example--

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