Friday, April 10, 2015


Today I write about there have been many people who have inspired my till now in my journey...everyday I am inspired with my encounters with different people, situations,events etc. It need not be always the great things need to inspire even small situations can inspire us. We all have some  inspirations to move ahead and reach our purpose or goal in life. I remember during my schooldays  I had been greatly inspired by Swamy Vivekananda, Ramkrishna and his teachings.
 Today I want to draw and inspiration from this story which I read in one of motivational speakers blog….
A teenager at 15, thinks his father is ignorant. The man doesn't much about music, latest technologies, is always preaching, and lives in a distant old era.The same teenager when turns 25, finds his father to be more knowledgeable. The old man knows how to handle finances, he can discuss current affairs, but is still stuck in a distant era. When the young man turns 35, he finds his father to be an extremely learned. The guy knows a lot on how to behave with the wife, his parenting techniques mostly are right and he can teach a few tricks on how to save money.Now at 45, the man misses his father. The father passed away a few years ago. He remembers how stupid he behaved as a teenager, and how much more there was too learn... by this time his own teenage son starts a new cycle!!
Take inspiration from this and don’t wait to show love to your l
oved ones.

Life is a journey of constant change. Create new, empowering modifications to your personality to make change the desired transformation

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