Monday, April 6, 2015


Today I thought will pen down about Father. One of the greatest gifts a child has is Father, and another is Mother.  As soon as I think of my father a smile comes to my mind. He has been a constant source of encouragement to me.  A father is said to be   a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. Today I am focusing on Father.
A father’s love is as important as a mother’s love. They say children who live with both father and mother tend to have better cognitive achievement, behavior outcomes, and academic performance. Children raised in happy families where both father and mother are involved in parenting is said to have more stable and healthy relationships as adults.
As rightly pointed Different  Indian languages we address father--  Daddy(English) ,Papa (Hindi) , Baba (Bengali,Assamese, Oriya,Marathi) Nana (Telugu), Appa(Tamil) Achan(Malayalam), Appa  Thande(Kannada),Pai(Konkani) Bapuji (Gujrati) and so on..
A Father's Love
A father is respected because
He gives his children leadership...
Appreciated because
He gives his children care...
Valued because
He gives his children time...
Loved because
He gives his children the one thing
They treasure most - himself
F-forever with his family
A-Always there for you no matter what
T-The only one who’s there
H-He is my hero till the end
E-Encourage  in everything I do
R-Really the first hero.
I know there are many who have not been lucky to have father as role models…. Today I am praying  for them…
In the comment I request you to add how you address your father and add a few lines about your father...

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  1. Lovely aparna, its is so true, daughters always remain closer to father; i have my daughter an example and also you and arushi... Fathers are truly god given gifts.. my dad was very devout, generous and cheerful person, who believed in living one day at a time, he always taught us to trust in God, and Trust in oursleves -he had a strong faith and taught us to pray at all times, today I am able face all challenges with faith is because of my father.