Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blessed..I feel today

I feel truly Blessed…
As soon as the thought of blogging the letter B-first word that came to my mind was blessed. 
I thought why not this year I focus on the word  Blessed..I feel today. I go back to memory lane to recall the innumerable times I have felt blessed which has been showered on me by various acquaintances I had in life. I  feel that the small things that happen when you least expect it are also blessings in disguise. 
I always thank my family, friends who are my blessings as during my weaker moments they understand me, support me and stands by me when I need the most.
some instances of life where I felt really blessed..

I am really blessed with my daughter—I remember during my pregnancy I did not have much support as my parent were old- not well, but those 9 months—I was well, did not have any sickness, worked till day before getting admitted to hospital, and had a normal delivery…and the process was so peaceful that I knew that I was blessed coz God always leaves one door open when others are shut..I remember Shyam my husband had been there during the whole process in delivery. 
     To my surprise in Hyderabad, India amongst my interactions with so many families last 10 years I have hardly found 2 families where father was there present in the delivery room during delivery process. Of course amongst Bengali friends I have found many of father’s part of this wonderful process…
Another example I remember when I was working in  Divya Disha in 2009,  the project I was working on had come to an end..and before I could ponder what to do next ---this offer of CSR in Makro came as a blessing--which just happened as one day I got an email from my present director there is an opening where you will be the architect of this venture. CSR.. I had taken it though I was very scared to get into something which is very new  –whether I would be able to fit in… but when I look back I consider it as a blessing in disguise. 

My daily blessings in disguise examples- When I am stuck on a road where there is no hope of getting a transport… a public vehicle  which comes and reaches me to my next destination is a blessing for me at that moment.
I also consider myself blessed with the people who have helped me in my home front-my family, my domestic helpers .. I know if you pay you get people but to get good people is a blessing. I see in my building itself there are 10 families and how they struggle with their domestic helpers—that time I just say thank you God I don’t have to struggle that much..     
 So today I write…I accept the blessed and   flow of abundant love from nature…
I  allow the highest source of goodness to flow through me and also pass on this goodness flow to you all.
I allow to be blessed today with wisdom, strength and patience.
I am blessed with an incredible family and friends and wash out all the negative people from my surrounding.
I feel blessed to choose the strength within, love with an expanded heart,
I feel blessed to work with focus mind and thankful for all I have..
I hope to release out all the toxic people from my love….
So today I tell that its important to Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose and accept the blessings that you have in your life and express gratitude with open heart....
 Coz there are many people who have not been blessed as we are....


  1. Glad to read your post ! truly you are not only blessed but you are also a blessing to me and so many others who connect with you !!

  2. Thanks Jan for such expression for me... I am truly obliged.

  3. Hi, Aparna, We tend to overlook the day-to-day things that helped shape our lives into what it is today. Your post makes me want to take a moment to be thankful for all of those things, because we are all truly blessed one way or another, whether we realize it or not.

  4. Aparna, it's truly an uplifting post and we tend to take things for granted and my heart goes to souls who are less blessed than us. I am grateful to people and strangers who came in my life as a blessing.

    1. Thanks Ranveer...hope you keep counting your blessings