Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear Arushi, happy Children's Day

Today is children's day dear daughter and as I explained you yesterday ie 13th November 2011 why children's day is celebrated. The easiest way i could explain you was " it was the bday of Jawaharlal Nehru who was popularly known as Chacha Nehru, and he was a great leader and he used to love children" As we celebrate his bday we also celebrate the essence of childhood. Also to note that yesterday your question stunned me.. mummy on that day can children do whatever they like.. to which I smiled and said it depends on what are the wishes of the child"
I was also wondering what your school planned for you on this occasion..
Never the less I already thought that on this day I will give you your favourite snacks.from Mc Donald . and ice cream from Naturals..

Today morning you were very happy as soon as your dad told its Children's Day wake up... you got dressed and ready with Orange T Shirt and Jeans. Remeber we hunted your clothes in cupboard to see if you have any dress that matches the colour code of your school.....

Dear Daughter I would like to just thank God for bringing you into my life and helping me to relive my childhood...

Dear Daughter "You are for me Beautiful and Sweet, Soft as Young" And I will be with you always,

Remember that mom and dad loves you the most and you will always be present in our prayers...

Enjoy the childhood and I am happy that God has helped us find a school for you that also believes in the same...Happy Children's Day..

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