Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arushi at Family Day Celebration in School

In Future Kids Family Day was celebrated and she was supposed to dress up as her favourite family member.She expressed that she would like to be grandma" Mummy mujhe dadiaama banna hein and I want Spectatle also"
First the thought came to my mind that I will make her wear some casual dress and send her, but on second thoughht I decided to send her as per her wish... So yesterday evening along with my daughter went to Dress Hiring Shop at Krishnanagar and picked up the necessary material for the get up. Also I specifically hunted for a suitable spectatcle as that was her most excitement.. The dress was a silk saree with blouse like those of granny and she was overjoyed to see them..
Next day morning amongst all the hustle bustle of morning rush I and Shyam dressed her up, with pins, bindi and other accessories.She was very excited.. According to her "Super" mommy. She also started mimicking the walk of granny and it gave us immense pleasure to see the smile and excitement. These small little joys of childhood are fun days..

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