Thursday, July 1, 2010


Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards achievement of goal. Developing leadership skills is a long process. Leadership is also a set of behavior as much as a skill. Hence its possible to learn leadership skills.

1. Integrity--Leaders have high ethics. Leaders take personal responsibility for their team’s actions and results.

2. Passionate--Leaders are passionate. They are enthusiastic about their work and they even have the ability to rub this energy off on their followers.

3. Commitment- Leaders work hard and have a strong discipline in following through with their work.

4. Courageous-Leaders are brave when they confront risks and the unknown. The ultimate test of a leader’s courage is also the courage to be open.

5. Goal Oriented -Leaders are very focused on the objectives that need to be attained. They develop a plan and strategy to achieve the objectives. In addition, they will also need to build commitment from the team and rally them to achieve the organization’s goal.

6. Developing People-- Leaders develop the people to build a stronger team so that the organization is effective. Good leaders start by developing their own knowledge when developing leadership skills. No one can achieve goals alone.

7. Prioritize -Leaders do the most urgent and important things first regardless of their interest in them.
8. No Public Glory-Leaders understand that at best they will get private credit for their work. Public glory is not expected. They know whatever achievements are the result of joint effort of their units.

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