Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Possibilities of working mother balancing family and profession

Possibilities of working mother balancing family and profession:

· Absence of guilt. If mother is always blaming herself for leaving children behind, it will not only affect professional and family life but also physical and emotional health. Weigh options, take a well thought-out decision and stick to it till you need to revisit your options due to change in circumstances.

· Essential household chores are not affected. Between mother and others at home, mother should ensure that essential everyday chores such as fresh nutritious meals and a clean home are not compromised.

· Take Help:: Don’t Try to be a superwomen. As a working mother it is important to take help from every possible corner….. Duties need to be delegated as much as possible. Taking a part-time or may be a less stressful job can also help ease the stress.

· Ensure that Child is in good hands. If one has a family member to look after child in absence of mother, one should consider it a blessing. Otherwise, a good day care or a maid at home with some elder person to supervise could be an option.

· Carefully choose Day care: While choosing day care one should ensure that it provides the child with a routine, appropriate activities, and most important, the company of other children, with considerations such as the child-caregiver ratio, the competence and presence of the person in-charge and their response to small emergencies.

· Children are not neglected. If mother’s job prevents her from being at child's sports day, doctor's appointment or from helping them with school assignments, she need to revisit her priorities.

Do not forgo hobbies, family get-togethers. Social contacts provide emotional grounding. Hobbies give a sense of personal identity, accomplishment and an overall satisfaction with life. Without these, one is no better than a robot.

· Support partner. This applies to both the husband and the wife. If partner has a hectic work schedule, ensure that you too are not in a high-pressure job.

Even after ensuring all of the above, remember, your trials may not end.

Parents need to adjust their working time to suit the need of their growing children. They need to spend quality time and they should try to channelise their energy in a constructive and positive manner." It's a tough act, balancing work and home life, but children will tell you it's not just the hours you spend with them that are important but how you utilize that time which matters.

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