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2018 A to Z ChallengeBodo tribe is an ethnic community of Assam which is mainly concentrated near Brahmaputra valley. Bodo Tribe form the largest minority group in the state.
The Bodos are an ethnic and linguistic aboriginal group of the Brahmaputra valley in the northeast part of India. They are recognized as a plains tribe in the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.
Bodo' is derived from the term 'Bod', which means Tibet, thus signifying that majority of the Bodos arrived from Bhutan passes.The Bodos are concentrated in the regions like Kokrajhar and Udalguri in Assam.
Bodo tribal people speak Bodo language, which has been derived from famous Tibeto-Burmese language family. For writing, majority of these Bodo tribes of the primitive ages make use of the Roman script and Assamese script.

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Whole of the society of the Bodo tribal community incorporates elements like dancing, singing, language etc. Also if one studies the society of the Bodo tribal community, one can find several surnames like Bargayary, Basumatary, Bodosa, Boro, Brahma, Bwiswmuthiary, Dwimary, Goyary, Ishlary, Ishwary, Khaklary, Mushahary, Narzary, Owary, Sargwary, Sibigry and Wary. 

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 Bodo tribe are fond of conventional drink called Zu Mai, Zu means wine and Mai means rice.Rice is staple food but they love non vegetarian food. 
Bodo tribes have undertaken the diverse practices like Bathouism, Hinduism and Christianity. To be precise, Bathouism is a special type of worship of progenitors, better known as 'Obonglaoree'. 
Dresses of the Bodo tribal community are quite exquisite, thereby exhilarating the beauty and glamour of females to a large extent. The conventional dress of a Bodo female is popularly called 'Dokna', which these Bodo women knit themselves. Shawls also are in fashion amongst the Bodo tribal community   

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