Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arushi reached another milestone of her life-taking first step to travel alone from school..

Arushi my  8 years old daughter is going for an overnight trip to Rajamundry today 17th March 2015 by Nagavelli Express at 9:30 pm. She will reach Rajamundry on 18th March 2015 and freshen up at Rajamundry future kids school. She has been taken to have an experience of village trip. On 18th March 2015 night she will be boarding back the train-Padmavathi express and reach Hydearabad on 19th March 2015.. by 7:30 am at station.Its outing in a nearby district for 2 nights and one day from school...

She is super excited not able to sleep in excitement with the thought of excursion with friends for last 2 days.The note came to us in Janaury 2015 and since then she has been pesturing us to let her go..I had thought I will also go with her separately and be with her when she has good time with friends.. However things did not work out..and now she is leaving for the same. 
If you observe her she is excited and again she is also worried about her fav. tv program-"if I go I cannot see tarak mehta ka oolta chasma" - her favourite  program in Sab tv... She has not been introduced to latest  episode of a serial watching in laptop yet..

Mothers dilemma- Never left Arushi alone overnight anytime not even in her grandparent house or aunt/uncle's house without any one of us till now. Either dad or mom is always around with her..
Lots of thoughts overflowing in the mind and is unable to focus on present. Some fear  known some unknown has engulfed the mind.. on second thoughts whether we are doing the right thing by letting her go alone at such young age. ..I understand a lot of these thoughts are to do with my own securities.. but as a parent I guess I will always have this..no matter how grown up my daughter goes.

As a precursor I have taken her to Madurai a week ago --this time and made her do lot of things-  take care of her own  luggage, remember the place where we stayed, guide the direction to and fro where we were put up, take out plates for lunch and dinner, go and place the plates in right places,  cleaning and dressing on own.she performed fairly well.  Her bags are packed and delivered to school in advance as per instruction,she will take a small pouch with her which contains her kitty of things-chocolates, book, her favourite toys etc. Seeing these small joys in her eyes its worth taking the effort .

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